When I was young I would go to the Pratt, KS county fair every summer. My sister and I would meet our summer friends and ride the zipper until we couldn't stand up from the dizziness. This has been a year of change for may family. There have been many days and situations that left me feeling dizzy. Thursday when I asked Levi if he would rather go ride rides or go to tailgate at OSU's first football game he quickly exclaimed, "FOOTBALL"! I was slightly disapointed and settled for the fair on Friday morning to see the animals and booths and snap a few shots of the boys by the colorful food trucks. So, we went to the tailgate party hosted by a club celebrating 10 years of establishment. I remember the first year the club came to be and I felt proud to connect with some of the sharpest people in town there that day. While both of my boys were too excited to nap and acted wild and rowdy, I felt welcomed and glad to be there with old friends.


When the weekend plans changed for us on Friday and the opportunity to take them to ride rides the next night, you bet, we made it happen. Levi said it was one of the best days of his life and it must be exactly like Disney World. Sawyer kept saying, "This is so exciting! This is SO fun!" We rode all of the safest rides. I had to accompany Sawyer on the three story tall "Super Slide" because he wasn't tall enough. Half way up the narrow and shaky stairs leading up to the top, my fear of heights overcame me and I went from standing to crawling up. The fearless boys were in front of me and I had to keep up with them. I couldn't turn around. When we caught air after the first large bump on the slide total panic left me trembling. Levi said, "Are you crazy? That was awesome!" Sawyer was also amused.

This year has been a lot like that large slide. It's been full of unpreparedness, bravery, inspiration from my kids, total panic and fear, thrill, relief and awe. While sometimes, I feel nearly paralyzed with fear, good friends are cheering me on from the all around and my children have driven me to do more than I ever believed I was capable of.

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